In Dialogue With...

Capodifaro has always been dedicated to offering its residents great cultural encounters, including opportunities to meet with political leaders and reflections on current issues, as well as opportunities for recreation and the cultivation musical and artistic passions.

Great protagonists of cultural, entrepreneurial and political life have been hosted within the walls of our Hall of Residence. These personalities, sharing their professional experience with students, have contributed to expanding residents’ knowledge of the professional world.

Sebastiano Caputo

Carlo Imparato

Cofounder Teatro Necessario

Guest @Capodifaro in 2019/2020

Mirella Cannata

Cofounder Teatro Necessario

Guest @Capodifaro in 2019/2020

Massimo Minella


Guest @Capodifaro in 2016/2017

Annamaria Panfili

Lawyer and former President of Families’ Association

Guest @Capodifaro in 2014/2015

Giuseppe Tesauro

Jurist and former President of Corte Costituzionale

Ospite a Capodifaro nel 2012/2013

Paola Binetti

Psychiatrist, professor and member of Italian parliament

Guest @Capodifato in 2012/2013

Lucetta Scaraffia

Historian and journalist

Guest @Capodifaro in 2010/2011

Giuliana Kantzà

Psychoanalyst, university professor and member of  Lacanian School of psychoanalysis

Guest @Capodifaro in 2010/2011

Nuria Chinchilla

University professor

Guest @Capodifaro in 2010/2011

Massimiliano Lussana

Journalist and Professor of Common Law

Guest @Capodifaro in 2005/06

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