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JUMP Job-University Matching Project

JUMP is the interdisciplinary training program that Rui Foundation offers to all its residents and other students in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Trieste, Genoa.

It helps students complete their university curriculum and develop soft skills, aligning the university present with the professional future.

It is a path that integrates academic knowledge with the contents and the dynamics of the professional world. It utilizes concrete case studies and presents the opportunity for students to meet high-profile professionals in an intensive learning environment, creating a thorough understanding of professional experiences.

JUMP enjoys the patronage of Politecnico di Milano, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Campus Bio-Medico.These two universities recognize CFU to students for attending courses.

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Soft skills

Soft skills are essential skills for improving one’s work. The development of these skills, related to the personal sphere, is closely related to the ability to address and manage complex situations, which arise in everyday social and professional life.

JUMP project utilizes case studies, group work and guided discussions to help you improve the soft skills needed for building relationships, effective communicating and leadership.

Interdisciplinary Education

To be a good professional, it is important to gain well-rounded training. Technical skills alone do not suffice. For this reason, JUMP provides an agile and transverse study path between ethics, anthropology and major political and economic current events, with a practical approach to cases and participation in lessons. This training is a useful supplement to the student’s academic and professional profile.



A personalized professional orientation is an essential and distinctive part of JUMP: the coaching approach is directed toward the individual student, the intention is to identify and plan the student’s personal and professional calling.

The coach, often a member of management, helps the student analyze their own potential to orientate themselves in the university world and discover their human and professional talents. The coach initially works with the student to set up study methods, and then introduces the dynamics of the professional world, supporting the student in the development of soft skills.

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